Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Serious Wardrobe Envy

Oh man, I need more money and closet space. A smaller waist wouldn't hurt me either.

Monday, August 3, 2009

School Supplies are Such the Best


mini Hello Kitty scented highlighters

I've got my bag, my pens, my binders, my dividers, my ehhhh schedule, my notebooks, and my flash drive. School's here, whether I like it or not.

The best part of school coming though, is the school shopping. Office supplies are like my cocaine, fancy pens and pencils get me worked up like no other inanimate objects. Except for books. And food. But I suppose food was alive at one point, so it doesn't count. But my god, school supplies are just getting more and more expensive. Like the calculator I got for Pre-Calc, was more than a Benjamin bill, I can tell you that. And knowing how much money my parents spent on school supplies for me really puts on the pressure, so I'm thinking of taping the reciepts for the calculator, and SAT and ACT practice books on my wall, so I'll be "gently" nudged to do well in school.


I have to do well junior year. I have to. No slacking off, no procrastinating, no late night Facebooks seshs. I will get all A's.

Goodbye summer, Farewell to lazy days and heat waves. Hello High School.

But even after 10 years of public education I still get uber excited for the first day of school. You know, seeing all of your sun browned friends after a long summer filled with movies, swimming, and messed up sleeping patterns. Which reminds me, I have to stop going to sleep after midnight and waking up right before noon.