Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I first heard of Billy Joel in the ninth grade, when my only friend in that stupid Renaissance class let me listen to some of his stuff. And I kind of put it aside until I heard an amazing cover of his song "Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)"! I'm not normally a big fan of really sentimental songs because they make me cry but it turns out that the sentiment and tear-jerking is why I like this song. But I've been listening to this song on repeat the last couple of days and get really emotional whenever I do. It's really lovely.

And the cover! Which I like a little bit more than the original because Jane Lui has a beautiful voice and it makes a little bit more sense to sing it a little softer because, um, it's a lullaby.

P.S, Jane also does SUCH AN EXCELLENT COVER OF THE DUCKTALES THEME SONG! I used to love that show! And I think that I might have a videotape of one of the episodes!

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