Sunday, March 14, 2010


Apparently, I've been pronouncing "moleskine'' wrong all of these years. MOLE-SKINE

I bought my first moleskine product today— a set of three red, pocket sized, lined Cahier Journals. For about 8 bucks at Borders. The only issue was that two of the three cahiers were defective. The cahiers have perforated pages, and they're supposed to be on the back of the notebook facing the pocket but in my defective notebooks, they were in the front. It's not really a big deal, more of an inconvenience. But I was really bummed out when I found out. But I did send Moleskine a message and included a picture of the defect so they should be sending me a new set in two weeks. I hope.

The pages annoy me more than they should...

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