Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Automagical

After much thought and debate (really just an impulse), I have decided that I will post pictures on my blogs! Yay! Images and jpeg files! So excited! All the blogs I follow are either witty, spammed with interesting photos, or a magical combination of the two. And because I posses a very low level of wit, I shall compensate with photos! I cannot guarantee that they are going to be interesting, but it's eyecandy nonetheless! And maybe (soon?) I could... post pictures of clothing?! It's kind of a deep secret of mine, but I actually adore fashion. And not trends or "stylish" things, but really well put together ensembles with fascinating pieces. I love lace and florals and stripes, but detest animal prints and HUGE BRAND LOGOS LIKE THIS. I adore Wang, Westwood, Jacobs, Comme des Garcons, Chanel and the like, but CANNOT STAND BETSEY JOHNSON. She is disgusting. I hate her pieces.

I'm not a fashionista, no. Leave that to the Antoinette Stewart, voted Most Likely to Land on the Cover of Vogue Magazine for class of 2010 of ALHS! She is great! But I do adore aesthetically pleasing outifts.

But yes, I will upload photos! And perhaps of food too! I love to cook and bake, and actually have a project for this weekend! I found some elbow pasta in the pantry last night, and my mom promised to take us to the new Fresh & Easy that just opened by my school so I might pick up some cheese and cream and make a potato gratin! Yum! And I kind of want to make some mini bagels, so I can just take a couple in the morning instead of one GIANT calorie-laden slice!

JOURNEY TO FITNESS! For Vietnamese New Year, I am starting my Journey to Fitness (yet again)! But this time, I plan to stick to it because Spring/Summer are coming up and I want to pull out my skirts and shorts I never got a chance to wear because my legs have just BLOATED to massage proportions ever since I stopped running. But I will get back on the treadmill and I will get fit! I have a motivation to look good for Senior year and wear this lovely floral bandeau bikini I got on clearance!

And uhh, I think that I will work on my... blog writing skillzzz. Because if I type the way I speak, my computer will combust from annoyance.

Plane ride to Vietnam
Winter, 2007

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